IPBA 2021

Introductory Remarks by James Jung, followed by an Energizing Yoga Session

Stephanie Fukui
Yoga Teacher
New Life Yoga

Stephanie Fukui

Certified in Iyengar Yoga. Teaching yoga classes in Tokyo since 2013 (See www.newlifeyoga.org). Intensive yoga study in Tokyo as well as in month-long sessions in Pune, India at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in 2012, 2015 and 2019. Other: Founded the SIDS Family Association Japan in 1991 and presently on the Board of Directors. M.A. in Anthropology, B.A. in French from Northern Illinois University. Grew up in Chicago and moved to Japan with her Japanese husband in 1987 where she raised two sons, her finest accomplishments.

Stephanie’s sessions:

Introduction to Yoga at Your Desk

“When the body gets stiff, the mind gets dull!” (BKS Iyengar). Yoga can release stiffness and improve circulation as well as calming and clearing the mind. Once you are in a better physical and mental state, you will be able to think better and work better! Of course to get the full effects of yoga you must do a full yoga class. However, taking a break and doing a little yoga at your desk can relieve pain, stiffness and stress. The yoga in this program can also be done for stiffness after or during travel. (Remember before Covid when we all used to travel?)


The recorded sessions are not meant to replace a full yoga class. Some of the yoga poses should not be done by those with a cardiac condition or other conditions. Cautions will be given. The participants should follow the instructions carefully.

What to Prepare

BKS Iyengar believed that yoga is for everyone. He invented the use of props in yoga to make the poses accessible to everyone. Participants in this program will need a desk and a chair. If your chair has wheels, be sure to lock the wheels of your chair for all poses. Participants should also have a stack of thick books (or yoga blocks) that stack one foot or more tall, an umbrella and a small blanket or large towel.