IPBA 2021

Liyao Wang

Lawyer / Registered Migration Agent



Liyao was born and grew up in China, and received her education from primary school to post-graduate university in China. She obtained her Bachelor of Laws (International Economic Law) and Master of Laws (Economic Law) at Chinese universities, and later commenced a Doctorate of Civil Law in Germany.

Liyao then studied law in Australia, and qualified as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of South Australia.
Because Liyao grew up and was educated in China and Germany, and has also studied law in Australia, Liyao understands both the civil law and common law systems. Liyao is therefore uniquely placed to provide legal and commercial advice to clients.

Liyao specializes in Australian and Chinese taxation, cross-border investment, migration, and Chinese legal matters generally.
Note: Finlaysons is a large Australian commercial law firm established in 1850 and has a history of nearly 170 years. It is also the leading law firm in South Australia and the Northern Territory.