IPBA 2021

Ronaldo Veirano

Founding Partner & Chairman

Veirano Advogados

Rio de Janeiro

Ronaldo Veirano is the founding partner of Veirano Advogados, considered among the leading law firms in Brazil with more than 270 attorneys across the country, and is a highly regarded legal expert, recognized internationally for his statesmanship, facility with sophisticated legal issues and significant network of global contacts. An erudite and accomplished speaker, Mr. Veirano is frequently invited to address international audiences on a variety of complex legal subjects, trade issues and other topics that affect companies, countries and their growth.

Mr. Veirano is a member of several national and international associations and plays a role in top management of several of these organizations. Mr. Veirano is also the Chairman Emeritus of World Services Group (WSG), a global network of leading law firms and other professional services providers.

This formative experience early in his career gave him a rare insight into the challenges faced by in-house counsel and he has continued to utilize this knowledge to build the strong firm that Veirano Advogados is today.