IPBA 2021

Sara Zhang

Senior Partner

Y&T Lawyers

Suzhou, Jiangsu

Sara is one of the senior partners, the team leader of Cross-border Legal Affairs and Corporation Business Department in Y&T Lawyers. She provides professional cross-border investment and financing legal service, M&A (merger and acquisition), restructure of the enterprises, compliance management legal services and etc, and she is qualified for fund business. Sara is now appointed as vice-chair of the committee for compliance legal affairs of Jiangsu Bar Association, vice-chair of the committee for cross-border legal affairs and maritime of Suzhou Bar Association, and the vice-chair of the Cross-border Investment Committee of IPBA.

She is listed as one of the thousand cross-border lawyers which are selected by the Ministry of Justice. In addition, Sara is listed as a member of the trainers for Jiangsu Lawyers, and a member of the talent lawyers pool for cross-border legal affairs. Sara had been entitled as “The Top Ten Cross-border Lawyer in Jiangsu” by Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice, CCPIT Jiangsu Branch, Jiangsu Bar Association.

Sara is appointed as the specialist mediator of Singapore International Meditation Center, the mediator of Shanghai International Arbitration Center, CCPIT/COIC, Investment Dispute of CEPA Investment Agreement, CCPIT/COIC Jiangsu Branch and CCPIT/COIC Suzhou Mediation Center.